Moisturisation of the skin: Properties of Bobal grape 1

Moisturisation of the skin: Properties of Bobal grape

After talking about cleaning the face, today we will talk about the cream.
From the age of 25 our cells start to age and this makes our skin care more important.
The Origen Bobal Cream which contains Resveratol, Grapeseed oil, Grapewater and wine from the Bobal variety slows down the signs of ageing and reconstructs the epidermis, smoothing wrinkles, bringing back its natural antioxidant properties and leaving the face smooth and with a young appearance.

Our Bobal wine, a treasure of nature, works symbiotically with extracts of the whole plant, which gives us a wide range of tannins, essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and polyphenols; giving our skin a natural defence against external agressions holding back the appearance of wrinkles, imperfections and laughter lines. It revitalises the skin to make real the reverse of the ageing process.

Thanks to the properties of grapeseed oil we achieve a light texture with the power of a seborrheic regulator which makes our cream appropriate for all skin types.

You will notice that we use a new system for our cream which is an airless pot, and with this system we have wanted to preserve all the antioxidant power of the composition as well as to reduce the use of preservatives and be free from parabenos.

It is ideal for daily use for its protection against Solar UVA/UVB in Winter as well as Summer.

Always apply on the clean face by making circular movements from the centre to the outside. Day by day you will see a youthful new look take over the cells and that the skin returns to being radiance and firm. To optimise the results we recommend to you  Micellar Solution Origen Bobal
before you apply the cream twice weekly and the Origen Exfoliant Bobal Gel. .

It is the perfect time to invest in the beauty of your skin.