Facial Cleansing, part 1: The key to a radiant skin. 1

Facial Cleansing, part 1: The key to a radiant skin.

Facial cleansing and skincare constitutes an important habit in our daily life. It is not just about the elimination of dirt and impurities of the skins surface but also to need a significant cosmetic which goes beyond hygiene.
It is fundamental and essential for the skin to have a dazzling shine; it is the early step which guarantees the active ingredients in the cream can reach the deepest layers of the dermis. That is to say if the skin is saturated with dead cells and blocked pores it will make it more difficult for the active ingredients to penetrate your skin.

¿When and how should I clean my face?

It is recommended to do it twice a day.
It is better in the morning, because during the night the secretion of grease is higher and it is fundamental to remove the excess.
At night the make up should be removed and the dirt particles.

For this we recommend Micellar Solution. It contains an aqueous base with particles of Micella from fatty acids. These fatty acids have an magnetic effect with the lipofilic attracting the grease and the hydrofilic attracting the water. In contact with the skin they retain the grease and dirt and protect the natural skin layer.

We are dealing with a perfect single product for facial cleansing which with a single clean leaves us with a skin clear of dirt and impurities and perfectly clean.
In one step we remove make-up, tone and calm the skin, this is its advantage in respect to milk face cleaners which need more time and more products to acheive the facial hygiene desired.

Our Micellar Solution contains grapewater, rich in sugars and trace elements (calcium and Potassium) which give hydration and at the same time reduce skin sensitivity. Our active ingredient from the Bobal grape variety with a high concentration of resveratol and alpha-hydroxy acids achieve a fine and turgid skin thanks to the replacement of the surface layer of skin and its powerful antioxidant action.

The application is very easy: with the help of cotton wool or an impregnated make-up removal pad, apply giving light touches. There is no need for clarifier.

In the following post we will talk about the deepest clean, exfoliation.
We will see you soon…