Bobal wine as the princpal active ingredient of Origen Bobal 1

Bobal wine as the princpal active ingredient of Origen Bobal

Hello everyone I am Maria José Peidro and as this year 2016 it has been proposed that I write every month at least one post in this one I want to tell you about a fundamental difference which we have from other products, which is that in our compositions there is an active ingredient:


Climate conditions, the composition of our soils, their drainage capacity have a great influence over the concentration of phenolic materials in the grape seed and in the wine. This is a concept of soil or estate which conditions that in distinct places the same variety of grape will produce wines of different concentration. (Gil et al.,2004).

Bobal wine as the princpal active ingredient of Origen Bobal 2

Climatic conditions, such as the thermal breadth, wind velocity, relative humidity are key to physiological processes: photosynthesis of the leaves, breathing, accumulation of sugars, formation of organic acids, accumulation of potassium, development of grape colour and aromas, etc (Asselin et al 2001). The soil has a vital importance in the sensory quality of wine as it is the origin of it, bringing nutrients and making the grapes grow. Different studies have shown the manifest differences as well as the volatile components like the polyphenolic content from wines coming from different soil types (Andrés-de Pardo et al., 2007).

The Southeast orientation of the lightly rising vineyard allows the vines to receive the sun´s rays from dawn. This peculiarity is translated into a better polyphenolic maturation of the grape.

In Chozas Carrascal we have worked with organic agriculture since 2006. However, it was in 2010 when our wines achieved organic certification.

I hope that you have enjoyed this, cheers for now!

Mª José