Bobal Wine for Cosmetics: A treasure that brightens your skin. 1

Bobal Wine for Cosmetics: A treasure that brightens your skin.

Today we talk about Bobal wine for cosmetics.


¿Did you think using wine, as a beauty product, was something new in cosmetics? …


During the Renaissance, the ladies of the French court , washed their faces with red wine as a beauty ritual. They noticed more velvety and turgid skin, with greater elasticity and above all, more hydrated


Nowdays we know the cause: Red wine (above all Bobal) has a high level of alpha-hydroxy acids that have a modulating effect on exfoliation as well as increasing the production of collagen. Also they have a high content of polyphenols and amongst them resveratol a powerful natural antioxidant.


Con su utilización logramos combatir la pérdida de elasticidad cutánea, a la vez que nos proporciona luminosidad, firmeza y una gran hidratación.


We are pioneers in the use of Bobal wine for cosmetics. No other cream has this variety in its composition something which gives us a stamp of exclusivity and difference which we have been actively seeking.


Now you know why we consider our Ecologic Bobal Wine: A TREASURE THAT BRIGHTENS YOUR SKIN.


We hope you enjoyed this.


In our next article we will talk about Resveratol.


Mª José