We chose the name of Origen, because it reminds us of our union with the earth; the place where the essence of our project emerges.


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Origen can be found in the ground

Our close relationship with the world of wine transformed our way of understanding life connecting us with the wisdom of the earth and its ancestral beliefs. As lovers of winemaking we understand that the grape is a fruit which holds unbelievable secrets and whose cultivation requires a special care united with the most innovative processes.


A brand married to its environment

From the search for defects and imperfections to the exaltation of what makes us unique. From the obssesion with the canon to the discovery of the thousand faces of beauty. From "it would be better if" to "I love myself just the way I am". From waiting to win the battle against aging to celebrating the passage of time. From antiaging to wellaging. We poured all our know-how into creating a wine cosmetic firm for today´s self-confident woman, who is not afraid of the reflection of time on her skin because its a sign of experience and life The woman is the beginning and the end, the body and the soul of Origen Cosmetics.

The Origin 4


The place where the essence of our project is.

Origen Cosmetics history starts in our vineyards, the origen of the nature. Chozas Carrascal is a family winery with the Denomination of Origin,Pago Chozas Carrascal. We produce MEditerranean wines from the heights of the region instilling the widsom of the soils in every bottle, our labour and day to day careing. A way of understanding wine, grapes and their cultivation.

The winery
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