The newest techniques in face and body Radio Frequency.

Diathermy 2

The treatment includes:

The treatment for skin function most efficient for health, well-being and beauty of the skin.

Diathermy is a treatment with radio frequency which completely penetrates the different layers of the skin. Different to classic Radio frequency, Diathermy acts on the deepest skin, warming the soft tissue rectivating their physiological function.

At facial level it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, improving the quality of the skin mitigating the wrinkles. It forms new fibres, bringing brightness and smoothness to the skin from the first session. At body level it is very effective over areas of localised fat. It acts on adipocytes, reducing their volume and at the same time encourages lymphatic drainage reducing cellulitis.

With continuous treatment the skin restructures itself completely from inside, maintaining these lasting and surprising effects.


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