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Wine’s Cosmetic S.L. makes available to all users the site, with the terms referred under the following conditions:

First. – Definition of user.
Access and or use of grants to whomsoever meets the conditions of user, accepting from the beginning and without reserve whatsoever without prejudice the current General Conditions established for the control of determined services and or contents.
In the case that the user may be a minor they will need the express previous permission of their parents, guardians or legal representatives at their own expense.

Second. – Obligations of the User.
The user is obliged to use conforming to the current law, good faith, public policy and generally accepted practice.
Likewise, the user will be obliged not to use for illegal or damaging purposes of the rights and or interests of Wine’s, and or third parties nor cause danger nor impede the working of

Third. – Responsibility of the User.
The use which the user of makes will be the exclusive responsibility and exclusive to them, maintaining in all cases indemnity for for whatever damage and or prejudice, directly or indirectly, the failure to observe the current General Conditions by the user caused by the same user or by third parties.
Accordingly, Wine’s Cosmetic S.L. reserves the right to deny access and or use of or whichever of its contents and or services to any user that may have failed to meet the current General Conditions.

Fourth. – Responsibility of Wine’s Cosmetic, S.L.
They are not responsible for damage or prejudices of any nature that the user or a third party may suffer as a result of:
(i) From the failure of availability, maintenance, functionality of its services or contents;
(ii) From the failure of utility, truthfulness, suitability or validity of, of its services and contents, to satisfy the necessities or expectations of the user;
(iii) That a third party, breaching the established security measures of Wine’s Cosmetic S.L. using, its contents, or services for the distribution of a virus, or to gain access to achieve an unauthorised procedure to the data stored by Wine’s Cosmetics S.L. (iv) Nor, in general that whatever use of, its services and or contents that could be made by a user and or third party contrary to the Conditions of access and use by the same established requirements of Wine’s Cosmetics S.L.

Fifth. – Authorisation of Use of the contents.
The contents that Wine`s Cosmetics S.L. make available to the user are protected by the necessary Intellectual Property Rights and have been legally assigned for the appropriate purposes by the respective owners of them.
Wine’s Cosmetics S.L. authorises the user to make use of the contents for the purposes expressly collected in or the current General Conditions whilst they remain prohibited the reproduction, distribution, modification or public communication either partially or wholly of the same, except in cases in which previous permission has been sought and granted by Wine’s Cosmetic S.L.

Sixth. – Treatment of Personal Data. Wines Cosmetic S.L. has an established Privacy Policy which regulates the collection, storage, treatment and use of personal data which the user makes available to Wine’s Cosmetics S.L. Accordingly Wine’s Cosmetics S.L. guarantees the fulfillment for its part of this policy that can be consulted by the user entering via the Privacy Policy link which appears in the separate information section.

Seventh. – Directory of Links The whole purpose of the linking devices that Wine’s Cosmetics makes available to the user is to facilitate the access to other contents and or services which could be to their interest, notwithstanding that they are not managed nor controlled by Wine’s Cosmetics S.L. whilst they may be available through
Wine’s Cosmetic S.L. assumes no type of responsibility, neither direct nor indirect for in relation to legality, truth, usefulness, quality or trustworthiness of the services or contents that are not directly managed nor controlled by Wine’s Cosmetic S.L. even though they maybe accessible through

Eight. – Modification and Cancellation of the Present Conditions.
Wine’s Cosmetics S.L. reserves the right to modify either partially or wholly, its design, content and / or services, as well as these Conditions when it deems appropriate. Wine’s Cosmetics S.L. reserves the right to interrupt, temporarily suspend or indefinitely cancel or whichever of its contents and or its integrated services by its lone and entire discretion.

Ninth. – Applicable legislation and Resolution of Disputes.
The parties, renouncing their independent jurisdiction, accept the Spanish legislation as the guiding of these Conditions and for the resolution of any disagreement or litigation submit to the jurisprudence of the courts and Tribunals of Valencia.