Facial Cleansing, part 2: Exfoliation. 1

Facial Cleansing, part 2: Exfoliation.

Daily cleaning as we commented in the last post is essential for a fresh complexion. But with just this it is not enough for shiny radiant face, it is also necessary to make a deep clean once a week.

Exfoliation brings multiple benefits: it allows skin oxygenation which helps reduce the appearance of tiredness, at the same time slowing the appearance of wrinkles and brings brightness. Exfoliation as well as eliminating acne and black heads leaves a skin smooth and clean, but fundamentally favours cellular regeneration which strengthens and promotes its elasticity.

Give yourself a treat, choose your moment of the day to care for yourself and relax. You should have the skin clean, free from make-up and impurities. Use our Micellar solution with the help of a cotton pad or make-up removal pad.

Once clean and moist, apply our Exfoliant Gel composed of wine from Bobal and particles of grape pips.

Bobal wine consists of polyphenols (Resveratol) and alpha-hydroxy acids with lactic, tartaric and glycolic acids coming from the fermentation.

These produce a modular effect in the exfoliation, eliminate the top skin layer at the same time providing a progressive replacement.

The ground grape pips contain a high level of polyphenols. It improves the facial circulation, smoothes the skin, and fundamentally prepares our complexion for the principal active ingredients.

We are talking about a solution with fine granular particles which do not irritate the skin, that eliminates completely dead cells and black heads. You can use it 1-2 times a week according to your type of skin.

Apply it with circular movements across the whole face and neck, increasing in the T zone which is where there is a greater concentration of grease and impurities accumulate. Leave for some minutes then wash with warm water.

For a better result apply Micellar Solution with a cotton pad to remove any residue from the product. Finally hydrate your face with the cream

You will see how with only one application your skin is smoother, radiant and youthful, at the same time helping the cellular regeneration delaying the signs of ageing.

I hope this post has helped you, see you soon!!!

María José